Ladder Strap Upgrade kit


Replace your rear wheel velcro strap with this sturdy ladder strap and hardware kit. 

  1. Remove the 4 housing screws from your existing rear wheel strap.
  2. Remove the housing from the pump and vacuum cup by gently pulling upwards.
  3. Slide the Velcro out from underneath the pump. This is no longer required
  4. Place the Rear Wheel Housing / Ladder Strap upgrade into position and line it up with the 4 mounting holes.
  5. Insert the the 4 housing screws and tighten.
  6. You’re done!


All racks, carriers and accessories include installation and maintenance instructions. We want you to be satisfied and confident with your purchase. If you have any questions or concerns please see our Buyer's Guide for more information, and/or please contact us at Carter Cadillac. 

(403) 300-0646

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